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     Highlights of the 2018 Season from Tropic Star Lodge

                      From The Fishing Director:

               Tropic Star Lodge opened in 1963 as a fishing destina-  who will test your resolve and tackle, were bending rods of many
        tion where travelers gather to eat, sleep and breathe fishing.   of our anglers. These fish are worth every drop of sweat and were
        Today, sport-fisherman enjoy the same experience in one of the   around in huge shoals along with the Spinner Dolphins.
        most pristine and wild locations left to fish. The fishery is extreme-     The smaller Yellowfin were loads of fun on spinning rods
        ly diverse with a wide spectrum of species. The sheer sizes of the   and poppers. Tropic Star is famous for our gargantuan Dorado with
        species that anglers can target makes Tropic Star unique. From the   their ferocious appetites, they can grow to well over 50 lb and re-
        elusive Black Marlin found just seven miles from the Lodge at the   ally put the heat onto any angler. Our fleet caught close to 400 of
        legendary Zane Grey Reef, to Roosterfish,                                 them in one week this season. Tropic Star is
        those wraiths of the rocks, which we get in                               one of the few places where we actually re-
        massive trophy sizes. This past season has                                lease Dorado and Tuna because we catch far
        been incredible with more pending world re-                               too many for the Lodge to consume.
        cords set and over 25 Grand Slams released.                                     Inshore, the Roosterfish and Cubera
               It is customary that upon arrival                                  Snapper were the most sought-after  fish-
        our guests have a fishing orientation where                               and for good reason. Both species put up an
        we discuss the weeks’ goals and talk about                                incredible  fight.  Roosterfish  are  a  powerful
        the bite and techniques we will be using to                               fish with beautiful colors and crazy dorsal fin
        catch the fish of their dreams. We exchange                               that resembles the comb of Rooster. Cubera
        exciting fishing stories and participate in a                             Snapper pack a punch and their first run is all
        fun dialogue where anglers get to know one                                power and tough to stop; but the results are
        another  over  a festive  drink  and delicious                            thrilling. The prized size is 50 lb and over for
        snacks. This experience is very educational                               both species. That fish will earn you bragging
        and interesting. Even our most experienced anglers learn some-  rights all over the world. We are proud to release 100% of Rooster-
        thing new. The orientation talk during the 2018 season was elec-  fish and Cubera Snapper in addition to our billfish.
        trifying with tales of inshore and offshore success. Anglers came to      Our fishing season kicked off with our annual billfish
        Tropic Star to target an array of species. Offshore, the majestic and   tournament in November. Guests arrived in Piñas and saw first-
        acrobatic Black Marlin and Blue Marlin known to tear through the   hand the latest improvements we’ve been making to the Lodge.
        water were top on our anglers’ bucket lists. Larger Yellowfin, brutes
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