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anglers and travel all over to enjoy their passion of fishing and   guys were always full of smiles and optimism about the fishing.
          meeting other fellow anglers. On day-one the group released   The mood on the boat rewarded the guys as their fishing was on
          three Blue Marlin and a Pacific Sailfish in addition to catching   fire. They released a total of eight Marlin, even more Pacific Sailfish,
          multiple Yellowfin Tuna and Dorado. Over the course of the four   giant Dorado, and Yellowfin Tuna.
          days the fishing trio continued to release billfish and catch Yel-     Anne and David Cable joined us with friends Laura and
          lowfin and Dorado with fantastic stories and photos to match.   Steve Minore for some billfish action onboard Pollyanna. And the
          On the last day, Steve Bozeman, who let the ladies catch all the   action did not disappoint! Laura, Anne, Steve and David all released
          Marlin, had his turn on the rod and released his first Pacific Blue   their first Pacific Blue Marlin with largest estimated at 600 lb. On
          Marlin of 450 lb.                                      August 9th Anne had a special birthday present, her first Blue Mar-
                 The Simone family met at Tropic Star Lodge for a fam-  lin of 300 lb. The group enjoyed releasing more Blue Marlin and a
          ily vacation in the jungle. Three generations fished together as   handful of larger Sailfish and more than a few extra-large Dorado.
          team “Panama Fishing Ninjas” and everyone in the family re-  All this accomplished in just four days on the water.
          leased a first!  Granddad, Steve, released his first ever Black      Tim and Nancy Llacuna from Florida joined us in the
          Marlin of 450 lb and a big Yellowfin of 180 lb. Dad, Brian, re-  jungle for a week together on the water. The couple has enjoyed
          leased his first Blue Marlin of 380 lb, Grandma, Debbie, released   fishing together for over twenty-five years. Nancy was after her first
          her first Blue Marlin of 250 lb and mom, Nicole, released her first   Marlin and Tim was after his Black. On day-one the couple came
          Pacific Sailfish of 80 lb. However, the best angler of the boat and   back with big grins as both released a Blue Marlin both around 350
          for the week was seven-and-a-half-year-old,  Conor Simone,   lb. As the week progressed the duo released many more billfish and
          who released his first ever billfish, a Sailfish of 80 lb! On one of   Nancy released her first Black Marlin of 300 lb. The very next day
          the days out the Simone family released a boat grand slam!   the two also achieved a boat grand slam when Nancy released her
                 Joe and Nancy Frazer returned for their second vis-  second Black Marlin of the week coming in at 450 lb. It was a ton of
          it this year for our Kids’ Club and brought their granddaughter,   fun spending time with the couple, especially on international Rum
          Madison, to experience Tropic Star Lodge. Madison is just as   day when I got to enjoy a Zacapa with Tim and all the ladies at the
          much into fishing as her grandparents and it was great to see   Lodge celebrated with some well-deserved wine. In the end, Nancy
          the excitement when she returned to the dock on day-one af-  surpassed her goal by releasing a Blue Marlin plus two Black Marlin
          ter releasing two Blue Marlin at 300 lb and 400 lb. Everyone on   and Tim had great fun catching Blue Marlin. The Llacunas now have
          board released Marlin and the Sailfish were even more plentiful.   a good excuse to come back so Tim can get his Black Marlin and
          Madison was the star of the show releasing the most Marlin for   we’re happy for that.
 Tony released a Pacific Sailfish of 100 lbs, Blue Marlin of 400 lb, and   One special day they returned to the dock with more than a few   the week.  The Pacella family visited us from south Florida for some
 Black Marlin at 400 lbs. What a moment for Tony! We can’t wait to   Dorado, a Yellowfin Tuna of 236 lb for Jerel and Barry released      Andrew “Dru” and Donna Thompson brought their   family fun. Both Blake and Morgan are passionate fisherman who
 see what Neptune has in store for Tony and Pam when they return   another Marlin of 500 lb! The gents had a fantastic time.  daughters, Maya and Ava, for some family fun on the water. Dru   love spending time on the water chasing anything that bites; but on
 in February.       Toke Aw brought his friend “Big fish” Bob from Los   makes all of our beautiful custom rods and it was great to have   this particular trip it was all about the Marlin and the other species
    Cathy Needleman, longtime friend of the Lodge, joined   Angeles. Toke visits us twice a year and we always have a great   the Thompsons down at Tropic Star Lodge. The family was world   we have up on offer. Morgan really wanted to try for a large Cu-
 us with her daughter, Jessica Lewensztain, for her annual fishing   time while he’s here with us. The friends released multiple Marlin   record chasing for the girls. On her last visit Maya got the Junior   bera Snapper but as Neptune is the only one to decide he instead
 trip. Cathy is an avid angler and travels all over the globe chasing   with Bob releasing his first ever of around 500 lb. Bob told us it   Females World Record Roosterfish, and so this year was Ava’s   hooked up to a Black Marlin of 400 lb on the Zane Grey Reef while
 all types of fish. For this particular trip Cathy just wanted to see   was a really tough fight and he had Toke get all his medical infor-  turn and she rocked it! Ava has a pending Female Small Fry World   trolling for his snapper. Morgan, in just four days, managed to re-
 her daughter have fun and experience the fishing she has come   mation ready for a possible emergency as the fight was so intense.   Record for a Roosterfish of 65.4 lb and a Greenbar Snapper of   lease his first Pacific Sailfish, Blue Marlin, and Black Marlin! His
 to love so much. Jess released her   On the last evening of their stay   16.2 lb. One day Donna was up and hooked into a beast of a   brother, Blake, also released his first Pacific Sailfish and Blue Marlin
 first Pacific Sailfish of 100 lb as   on awards night, Toke helped me   Black Marlin that unfortunately rubbed through the leader after   of 350 lb. Mom and dad, Nicole and Dan, were also in on the action.
 well as her very first Blue Marlin.   hand out a very special award,   just over a five-hour battle. The Thompsons went on to release   Nicole released her Pacific Blue Marlin of 450 lb. Each family mem-
 Cathy and Jess were both equal-  the Mowgli award to our special   multiple more Marlin over the course of the week, but I know   ber released a Marlin which included an awesome grand slam on
 ly excited when, after Jess’s first   guest Harry Brinkley. Harry vis-  they will never forget that big old Black that got away.  day-one with one Black Marlin, two Blue Marlin, and two Sailfish.
 blue marlin catch; Cathy went on   its us annually.  This award was      Father and son, Dana and Hugh West, visited us from   The Pacellas also caught a few giant Dorado, a couple coming in at
 to release her own Blue just mo-  given  with  Toke and I  singing   Florida for quality time and to enjoy their shared passion. The   around the 50 lb mark, and several Yellowfin Tuna.
 ments later.    “I wanna be like you” the song
 The Erickson family   from the Jungle Book with a few
 joined us for a family adventure.   changes  such  as  “I wanna fish
 The entire family was jazzed   like you and hunt like you toooo.”
 about being down in the jungle      Mark Davis from Big Wa-
 to chase some giant fish and snap some great photos. Wyatt and   ter Adventures was down to film with us again. As always, we
 Colt, 6-year-old twins, hooked up to some fun sized Dorado and   had an absolute blast! The Yellowfin Tuna action on poppers was
 loved fishing with their mom and dad, Angela and Arthur Erick-  absolutely crazy with us catching so many of them that my arms
 son. Alana Hilgenberg told us that her dream fish was a Black   were cramping. The sight of a Yellowfin Tuna hitting a popper is
 Marlin and low-and-behold the first day out she released a 500 lb   one that really gets a fisherman’s blood pumping and we definite-
 Black Marlin and took some great photos as proof.   ly saw our fair share. We also experienced the adrenaline pumping
    Barry Kaufax brought his son, Jerel for some excitement     Marlin action offshore with a pair of beautiful Blue Marlin.
 out on the water. The duo always wore a smile and had fun ex-     Steve and Luanne Bozeman joined us from Texas for
 changing fishing tales with their fellow guests. Both father and son   their second trip to Tropic Star Lodge. Luanne caught her first Blue
 put their strength and technique to the test with some outstanding   Marlin with us last year and so this year she brought down her   Photo: Debra Todd
 catches. Barry released his first ever marlin, a Pacific Blue of 300 lb.   friend, Missy Baum, to share in the action. Both ladies are avid

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