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Upgrade Bertram with AC and stand-up head                Casa Grande private entrances all with views of the bay

         News From Ursula Marais

                A big thank you to our guests who visited Tropic Star Lodge      The whole team has worked extremely hard during this
        during this past season. You all released a great many fi sh and experi-  down time to present our guests the fi rst stage of these improve-
        enced the unique atmosphere which makes our magical Panamanian   ments. I hope that you are going to be as excited about these up-
        fi shing resort so special.                             grades as we are. It has been a pleasure watching our crew handle an
                I’ve been reviewing the past season and I feel it has been a   almost impossible task with crazy deadlines and seeing things fall
        game changer for Tropic Star Lodge. There have been many upgrades  into place. Witnessing the guys hauling all the materials up from the
        and improvements to the lodge, yet we have managed to maintain  dock, the engineer and rest of crew working with smiles on their
        the family tradition and the “Tropic Star Experience” our guests have   faces and pride in their work has been incredible.
        come to know and love. Having previously been the manager at the      Our Tropic Star Team will be ready to Welcome those of you
        lodge for eight years with my husband Hennie and our kids Gabriella   returning to Tropic Star this season; as well as our new guests em-
        and Joshua up to 2007, I’m excited to fi nd myself back with Tropic   barking on their fi rst fi shing adventure of a lifetime.
        Star and a part of this great fi shing destination once again. I’m in-     I would like to thank everybody at Tropic Star Lodge for the
        credibly proud, lucky and thrilled to be leading an amazing team of   super job they do and say: “Go Team Tropic Star!”
        people who love this resort.
                I am honored to be working closely with Terri Andrews and  Yours Sincerely,
        her family who have been the patrons of Tropic Star Lodge for over
        forty years. It is also a pleasure to work with the new owners of the
        lodge, the DeObaldia family. When the lodge ownership transferred
        in 2015, we gained new opportunities and investment.  As a result,
        we are introducing a new and improved Tropic Star Lodge with a
        series of ongoing upgrades and renovations which will enhance your
        vacation experience. We are committed to keeping Tropic Star Lodge   Ursula Marais
        a premiere fi shing destination for years to come.      Group General Manager

                         In Memory of:

                                                                                         Piñas Bay, Panama

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                                                                   USA:  800-682-3424 • PANAMA: 507-396-6414
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