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Dear Private Yacht Guest:

Thank you for contacting us and requesting information on our Private Yacht membership. Attached you will find information about our lodge and a Private Yacht Membership request form. Please complete and return to our Panama City office by e-mail: We will contact you to let you know if your membership is approved and if the dates are available.

Tropic Star Lodge is and has always been a “private” fishing resort with a very elite clientele. We have built a reputation for being one of the most professionally operated sport fishing resorts in the world, and we intend to keep it that way! We are a full service all inclusive fishing lodge with rooms, meals, and boats.

In the past years, many world-renowned sport fishermen have brought their own yachts to Pinas Bay and have requested services from Tropic Star Lodge. The Private Yacht Membership Plan was developed to accommodate a limited amount of yachts. Private Yacht memberships are reserved for yacht owners and their guests (and crew in most circumstances). CHARTER BOATS will not be granted membership under any circumstances, nor will any “charters of convenience”.

Our private yacht membership is structured for yachts that will be staying in the area for one week or more. We are able to provide a variety of services to the private yacht member. We can offer accommodations based on availability. Reservations must be made in advance to our Panama City office. Upon arrival to Pinas Bay: reservations for services and dining while at the lodge and any other inquiries may be made by calling us on VHF channel 84. Resort privileges and services shall be: poolside dining, enjoying a cocktail at our world-famous bar, a relaxing massage, and shopping in our exclusive boutique. We can also offer procurement for your vessel by advance email or radio communication to our Pinas Bay office and or Panama office staff. A 30% service fee of the purchase invoice will be added to your bill. Services and privileges during peak operating hours may be limited especially during our high season months December through March. During this time of year the lodge staff will do their best to accommodate your reservations.

Private boat owners and their guests may join us on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday nights at our poolside buffet dining (such as Texas-style BBQ, International Night and Panamanian Night). 12-hour notice is required. Dining room reservations may be available and 48 hours advanced notice is required. (Availability varies from week to week depending on the number of guests staying at the lodge.)

Even if you do not intend to arrive on Saturday, the reservation for Private Yacht Membership (PYM) must be made from Saturday to Saturday during the months of December through February. After February, the weekly membership will be calculated from your arrival date and then charged weekly.

Upon arrival to Pinas Bay, please call VHF radio 84 to check in.

It is necessary that all yachts that apply for membership agree to fish only circle hooks, have water makers on board and can anchor safely and securely in the bay on the southeastern side of our operation.

Pinas Bay Resorts is proud of the conservation efforts we have worked so hard to achieve here in Panama. If you or your crew would like any assistance on the best technique to rig or strike the billfish with circle hooks, we will be happy to assist you at any time.

Attached is an application request form, which must be submitted in writing to our Panama City reservation office. Our fax number is 407-308-0092. Or you can email it to Our Private Boat Membership Committee will review your application in the order it is received. This membership is for private yacht owners, their guests, and crew in most cases.

Once your membership is approved, please make sure that all guests and crew read the attached information, including updated rules and approval letter.

We reserve the right to cancel any boat membership without refunds when the conduct or behavior of the yacht owner, guests and/or crew is not up to Tropic Star standards.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Pinas Bay in the near future.


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Documents you will need


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