2017 Fishing Season Highlights

Dinosaur size fish lurk just beneath the surface.

In the heart of the Darien Jungle is a fishing lodge that has been around for over fifty years. It is a fishing establishment for fisherman and their families run by fisherman and their families. I lovingly refer to the place as the original fishing lodge. Others have called it home of the Black Marlin or Jurassic Park, thanks to our magnificent coast line with beautiful jungle, the incredible number of Black Marlin we catch here and dinosaur sized fish that lurk just beneath the surface.

Marlin fishing at the Tropic Star Lodge

The waters off Piñas Bay have been a good consistent temperature running around that 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The winds of change have arrived a little early and we have experienced our first rains of the season. With winds blowing on shore, the cleaner water has started making its way in, so we are getting fantastic clear water all the way right up to the rocks on shore.

Sailfish close to the boat, ready to be release
The ocean has been like glass and our anglers are able to see for miles. The sea surface temperature has been irregular and varies day to day, running cold one day and warmer the next. Currents are not flowing in their usual direction, south to north. Instead the currents have resembled more of a spider web. On some days, there has been little to no current which can make it tough to find bait and also making the fish lethargic.

Tropic Star Lodge bringing in the Black Marlin

Return of the Black. The Black Marlin bite carried on from the previous week. Boats were raising good numbers of fish and by the second day most boats had had multiple shots and releases of billfish. By the end of day two our fleet had released 18 Black Marlin and a few of our boats released Striped and Blue Marlin. Sailfish were also coming up into our spreads.

 SFTV TSL Trailer

The Black Marlin fishing at Tropic Star Lodge is why many of our guests come to join us in Peak Season. As always, fishing can be unpredictable: sometimes it can be fair, sometimes it can be red hot. This week our guests were here during an amazing stretch of top-notch fishing. The fleet released a phenomenal 69 Black Marlin in the six days of fishing, and a lonely single Blue Marlin also joined the ranks.

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