2017 Fishing Season Highlights

Fishing highlights for Jan 8-14, 2017 at the Tropic Star Lodge in Panama

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Over the past week, the winds have been fairly constant a sign the dry season has begun. This means that the clean water will soon move in bringing the Black Marlin. Sea conditions have been slightly choppy with white caps and for our anglers a relative cool breeze has been a welcomed respite from the heat. The fishing action has kept everyone on their toes or in the fighting chair with another productive and exciting week out on the water.

The Blues have been smashing live baits and for some lucky anglers there were a handful of nice-sized females over 500 lb released. The Blacks are also showing up more frequently, this week we released a beauty of 600 lb. Dorado have been shocking our anglers for their sheer size and providing quite the show as they break the surface engulfing marlin-sized live bait. A few of our guests went head-to-head with Yellowfin Tuna around 150 lb and one angler watched his 250 lb Yellowfin break the line after a two-hour long fight. The Pacific Sailfish, which seemed to be slowing down last week, decided to show back up in good numbers with many breaking the 100 lb mark.

Happy clients toast to a great day of fishing at Tropic Star LodgeMark Weeks joined us with his close friend Capt. Andy Thompson. Mark comes annually to target Blue or Black Marlin on fly with 20 lb tippet. He is chasing the world record. Andy is a charter captain out of Florida and is a magician on a fly rod. Normally he is the guy putting other people on the fish. This week, however, he got to throw the fly at a few himself. Andy managed to release his first Pacific Sailfish on fly. The guys had a good week with the sails releasing nine total all on fly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the week to break the world record. We can’t wait to have Mark back down here.

James Henchey and Giles Sturges travelled from London for a week of fishing. James has been chasing Marlin since he saw his father catch one when he was thirteen years old. He has read all the books and watched every video he possibly could. James has had Marlin on the line in Australia, Cape Verde, and everywhere in between, however, has never been able to successfully released one. Neptune decided it was time for James to be rewarded. Both James and Giles successfully released their first Marlin, a pair of Blues. Once back to the dock, they celebrated their first catches with a mandatory swim from the dock to the Lodge. Those first releases opened the flood gates. Giles released his first Pacific Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, and Pacific Sailfish. James released his first Pacific Blue Marlin and Black Marlin. It was, in fact, James who went head-to-head with the 600 lb Black, the biggest of the week. In total, the guys released 12 Marlin in their six days of fishing, and countless Pacific Sailfish and Dorado. A few of the Dorado were even caught on fly coming in around 40 lb.

Richard Devito, Mike Cook, and Sam Mullinax visited us in Piñas Bay to wrangle with billfish on fly. Over the next few days the guys managed to raise a decent number of fish and have a good couple of goes with the fly. Unfortunately, the trio never landed a Marlin on fly but had the opportunity to release a couple on conventional tackle trolling live bait. Both Sam and Mike released their first Pacific Blue Marlin and Mike captured some incredible footage of a Sailfish coming up on a teaser and smashing the fly on his Go Pro.

Friends, Heather and Jerry James, Kimmy Reynolds, and Walt Weir came down to fish with us from Florida. They were on a mission to get the girls their first Marlin. To stay focused I joined the ladies for the all-important Marlin dance. It made everyone laugh and more importantly it brought in the fish! Both Kimmy and Heather went swimming after releasing their first Pacific Blue Marlin. Kimmy’s fish was 350 lb and Heather’s came in at 400 lb. The boat also released loads of Pacific Sailfish and some monster Dorado. The group was a hoot and we can’t wait until we can all dance, laugh, and recount fish stories with them again.

Brent Kitson and Emory Larimore became friends through fishing and now fish together. They joined us at Tropic Star Lodge to have a go at successfully releasing their first Black and Blue Marlin, respectively. It didn’t take them long, in fact, Emory got released his VW bus, a Blue, coming in at 350 lb on day-one. Brent released his Black Marlin of 450 lb on day-two. The guys had a great bottle of red wine to celebrate their catches. Each day they returned to the dock with stories of Marlin, Sailfish, and Dorado smashing baits in the spread and making their reels scream.

The fishing this season has been magical and we have been fortunate to share it with many amazing people. Countless friendships are started over a cocktail and snacks after a good day’s fishing. We all share the sense of adventure and love of fishing which draws us all to this magical spot in the middle of the Darien Jungle to experience one of the greatest fisheries in the world. It is our “family of friends” that make trips down here so much fun and often life changing. We hope to see you here soon and I can’t wait to see what Neptune has in store for us next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy the photos.

Tight lines and fair seas.
Capt. Richard White

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