2017 Fishing Season Highlights

Marlin fishing at the Tropic Star Lodge

The waters off Piñas Bay have been a good consistent temperature running around that 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The winds of change have arrived a little early and we have experienced our first rains of the season. With winds blowing on shore, the cleaner water has started making its way in, so we are getting fantastic clear water all the way right up to the rocks on shore. On the water; we have been experiencing small swells with long interval’s and a slight wind chop. We had a few small pockets of red tide, but by the end of the week, they all cleared up. The currents have been running a good South to North at around one to two knots.

With the sea conditions improving, the temperatures stabilizing, and the water clarity becoming sapphire blue, the fish are more aggressive. The Marlin and Sailfish bite has been light but it improved throughout the last few days with Blues and Blacks being released by many anglers. The Yellowfin tuna have been swarming with the Porpoises and guests have had a good time catching tuna. They appreciate the rewards of sore arms and great Sashimi made fresh for them out on the boat. Inshore we have been getting some great Cubera snapper along with some Mullet snapper and a lot of Roosterfish. Small baitfish have started hatching inshore, and on one particular day our guests from Europe managed to catch over 30 fish on poppers in a single day. Cubera Snapper, jacks, Bluefin Trivially were just some of the species that they managed to keep on the hooks.

Guests Ernie and Pam Thomas brought their sons Will and Alex for some family fun in the sun. They do a lot of ice fishing at home– so it was a refreshing good time in the tropics for them here in Panama. Ernie told us when he arrived that he really wanted to see his sons release a marlin, and he would be there just to cheer them on and get the pics. He got to do just that… with both Will and Alex releasing a Black Marlin of 300lb and 250lb. It was a first for both of them, so they got to do the Tropic Star dock swim as initiation in to the Marlin club. The entire family also got to release Pacific sailfish during their stay and had a lot of fun as a family out on the water.

Love fishing for roosterfish!Rick and Missy Soutter came to the lodge with friends Leonard and Dixie Holt to have some salt water angling fun. Rick is the fishing crazy one in the group with his great friend Leonard who puts up with Ricks fishing. Their lovely wives stayed at the lodge during the day, enjoying white beach, massages, Kayaking through the mangroves and just relaxing at the pool reading a good book. The guys had an absolute blast out on the water with both Rick and Leonard releasing multiple Sailfish and on the last day they came back with six roosterfish flags. It was a pleasure to see them each day down at the dock with the boats flying flags and the guys sharing fantastic stories of hook ups and near misses. All-in-all they got to experience some top-rate fishing.

Robert and Sherry Wolf joined us for some fishing action this week, during our fishing talk and introductions Robert told all of us that he wanted to try get his grander. The couple experienced some very exciting fishing. It began on the slower side, however, each day the action ramped up both offshore and inshore. On the last day, Robert released a beautiful Black Marlin of 700 lb, his first ever Black Marlin. It wasn’t quite his grander, but what a fish! One that I know Robert and his wife will not soon forget. His wife got a beautiful photo of his fish and I know that will be up in the house/office or bar very soon.

Paul and Hunter Garlasco came to Tropic Star Lodge for some father son bonding time out on the water. They were always very excited and loved talking about fishing and listening to others stories. The father son duo had Neptune right along with them this trip– that’s for sure. They both got to release Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and sailfish along with some great tuna. They had some great inshore fishing action with the our finned friend with the Mohawk: the Roosterfish. It was a first Marlin for both anglers and so both father and son got to do the Tropic Star Dock swim.

Bill Haron and David Darg joined us for three days of fishing fun. The guys were always eager and excited to be heading off shore, and the positive attitude of the duo made for good luck. David got to release his first ever Black Marlin at 300lb. Bill got some amazing footage and the fish put on a beautiful display! Unfortunately, Bill never got to release his Black, but Bill got to release a beautiful trophy sized Mullet snapper of over 35lb. It was an amazing specimen and one that I know Bill will not forget any time soon. Mullet snapper are one of my personal favorite fish. They look beautiful and fight like mad with that giant tail.

The seasons are changing down in Piñas Bay, fry are schooling together along the shallows. The bigger inshore fish are starting to show up at their usual residences and those big offshore pelagics are still getting anglers adrenaline skyrocketing. It has been some interesting fishing the past few weeks, with slow days and insane days all in the same week. With the water finally settling down and that beautiful Blue water coming in to the shallows; I think we are in for one crazy inshore season. The fish will really test those FG knots and treble hooks on our poppers. Offshore things are slowing down, but those big Marlin are still enjoying the food supply in the open water. We will continue to put baits in their sights. We hope to see you guys down at the lodge for some fun in the sun and chase some roosterfish or giant snapper with us.

Tight lines and fair seas,
Capt. Richard White

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