2017 Fishing Season Highlights

Fishing Highlights: May 20 - June 3, 2017

After the huge success of our Roosterfish Tournament ending with record numbers; this week the captains, mates and guests were having a blast fishing inshore. A few brave anglers ventured offshore to see what they could find and what they discovered was clean water with heaps of activity from Blue Marlin to Yellowfin Tuna. The anglers observed birds diving, great areal displays from porpoise, and the Sailfish began to show up inshore and all the way offshore in Marlin territory.

Local Tropic Star Lodge residentThe rainy season is progressing and so we are experiencing proper downpours here in the jungle. Our local captains always get excited when it begins to rain. The atmospheric pressure drops and the fish come on the bite. We also begin to see the current lines around this time of year with all the floating debris. The rain also creates color and salinity changes which in turn creates temperature breaks. All of this makes for tremendous fishing.

Guests Butch and Sandy Kittles returned with friends Steve Allen and Thomas Rea. It’s the third time the Kittles have visited us at the Lodge and we all had a great time together regaling old fishing stories and catching up. The group had a fantastic week on the water fishing aboard Miss America. They caught numerous Yellowfin Tuna and Roosterfish and Butch released a beautiful Blue Marlin on their last day. Sandy showed-up the guys with her great catches. Sandy released a beast of a Rooster coming in at around 75 lb. and a Cubera Snapper of 50 lb. demonstrating to all the guys that it is finesse and technique that really counts.

Husband and wife, Kevin and Tracy Klein, joined us for an extreme fishing adventure. It was an extreme visit from the very beginning! When you arrive to Tropic Star it’s a three-party journey: the plane ride to the jungle, the drive from the airstrip to the water and the panga ride that takes you on water to the Lodge. Sometimes when the tide is low guests do what we lovingly refer to as a beach landing. This is where guests enter the pangas on the beach and launch into the normally calm surf. We had an abnormally large swell the day that Kevin and Tracy arrived. Tracy received the brunt of the wave and she got a bit wet. Definitely an adventure from the start, Tracy joked that we signed them up for the extreme adventure package. We had a great time together with loads of stories. I’d like to take the opportunity to share Tracy’s note she sent me shortly after their visit:

Hi Rich, Kevin & I truly enjoyed the EXTREME adventure at Tropic Star. We caught over 60 fish - 16 different varieties. Jack Crevalle 10’+, Rooster Fish 24, Almaco Jack 1, Blue Jack 2, Rainbow Runner 1, Sailfish 4, Dorado 2, African Pompano 1, Yellow Fin Tuna 15+, Rock Snapper 3, Hound fish 2, Sierra Mackerel 2, Mullet Snapper 2, Shark 4, Bonita #? We will be returning for the Marlin & Cubera Snapper. Thanks again for an awesome experience!! Kevin & Tracy Klein "

The latter part of the week, we were joined by a group of eight guys from various parts of the U.S who came to Panama for a fun boy’s week. Some of the guys were die hard anglers and others were here to enjoy the ice-cold Panama beer and bend a rod if the opportunity presented itself. Neptune treated them well. Everyone hooked up to numerous fish. On the final day out we held a tournament. Each boat contributed $20 per and the biggest fish called by the captain got the prize. David Ricketson released his first ever Blue Marlin of 300 lb. taking the first place of $100.00. The best part for me, however, was watching the captain shove him off the dock to the cheers of his friends for his first Marlin.

This week was crazy fun with loads of laughs and stories shared by friends and family. Everyone at Tropic Star Lodge is part of the family and it was especially special to have my father and stepmother down here with us swopping tales. By the end of the week guests were exchanging emails to keep in touch and hopefully share in more adventures in the future.

After the great week of fishing we closed the Lodge for four days for a little routine maintenance. We opened up again on June 8th to eager anglers and our Kids’ Club. Summer is always a great time down here where kids 16 and under fish for free through August. Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado and Tuna will be here to give kids, moms and dads that fishing trip of a lifetime where friendships are made and stories go on forever.

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