2018 Fishing Season Highlights

mad marlin

Our rainbow-colored fleet of Bertrams have been hard at work with the full fleet out fishing every day. The action has been great. We added a few Grand Slams to our count this week bringing our total to 10 for the season so far! The smaller Blue Marlin have been showing up in the shallows close to the Lodge and we have released Black Marlin on and around the Zane Grey Reef. Boats that ventured further offshore found a mountain of Dorado and some of the larger Blues cruising the drop off and deeper waters. Sailfish have been released around five miles from the Lodge and all the way out into the deep.

We are still experiencing the occasional afternoon shower keeping our anglers cool, however, a strange occurrence for this time of year. Offshore the weather is gorgeous with sunshine and calm seas for most of the week. The current has been consistent running south to north with the winds still not committing to a single direction. The waters have been clear and that beautiful “Marlin Blue” color just outside the bay. The temperature has been around 82 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit keeping both the anglers and fish happy.

Jeff Marlow brought five friends down from the cold weather in the States to warm up in the Tropics. All friends are avid fishermen and involved in the fishing industry– mostly Salmon fishing on the Great Lakes. This week it was all about Marlin. Fishing a three-boat fleet the guys swopped boats each day. All the gents in the group released a Marlin and a few of the Marlin released were well over the 500 lb mark.

Marlin fighting the lineJames Henchey and his friend James Monks visited us from London, England. James H. was here last year January and released his first ever Marlin. This time it was time for James M. to get his. The guys had a lot of fun catching Dorado on fly as well as releasing a Boat Slam consisting of a Black Marlin, a Blue Marlin and Pacific Sailfish. Last year James also released a Grand Slam making it his second. James M. released his first Black Marlin, his first Blue Marlin and his first Pacific Sailfish making for another bucket list trip for the gents. We can’t wait to see them back next year.

Steve Fancsy has been to Tropic Star Lodge 15 times and it was great to see him again. This visit, Steve brought his good friend, Bernard Van Kemper, to mentor and teach him how to catch a billfish. Steve is one hell of a teacher and Bernard released multiple Marlin and Sailfish, including his first Black, Blue, and Sailfish. Steve also had a chance on the rod and released multiple Blue Marlin and a Black Marlin.

The staff here were all very excited to see the return of Marty and Bobby Ivey. Last time they were here Bobby released a 600 lb Black Marlin and a Grand Slam. At the fishing talk she shared her lofty goal of releasing another Grand Slam and got exactly what she asked for. Bobby released a Black Marlin and Pacific Sailfish while Marty released a beauty of a Blue Marlin to complete the Boat Slam. The Iveys fished with new Captain Lorenzo, who has been a mate for many years, and it was his first Grand Slam as a captain.

Mark Weeks visits us each year from Japan to enjoy Tropic Star Lodge and try his luck and skill for a billfish world record on fly. Mark caught multiple Dorado and Sailfish on fly but the Marlin were not playing nice. Mark and his crew raised a few but unfortunately none went after the teaser long enough for Mark to throw his fly. Mark got his mate, Levin, involved in the action and hooked up to his first ever Dorado on fly which Levin was very excited about.

Nini and Nicholas Wahib, father and son, returned with their friend Nick Antoun and first-time guest Roger Shaptini. Nick lives and Boston and the rest of the gang live in Lebanon. Nicholas Wahib released his first Black Marlin, which was his goal for the trip! He also received the sleeping award as the rest of his fellow anglers struggled to wake him up as Black Beauty was tearing line off the reel behind the boat. Nick Antoun also released his first Black Marlin and both gents walked the Tropic Star Plank in honor of their first catches. Some incredible shots were taken of these catches and I hope you enjoy the photos.

When we have the large numbers of Black Marlin like we are experiencing the opportunity for a Grand Slam is always very possible. It was great being part of our guests’ experiences this week and celebrating these incredible catches with everyone.

Tight lines and fair seas.
Capt. Richard White

Panamanian Mola

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