2018 Fishing Season Highlights

Huge Dorado

Grand slams in fishing are something that many anglers aim to achieve for and this past week our anglers were lucky enough to release two Boat Slams and one personal Grand Slam taking us to 13 for the season. Due to the enduring rainy season and delay of summer, the fishing has not been what we typically experience for this time of year. The bite has varied day to day, explosive for a day or two followed by one or two days where is slows down a bit. On the slower days during the week we are catching mountains of Dorado, during which our fleet is still releasing Sailfish and Marlin. On the explosive days, boats are returning to the dock flying multiple Marlin and Sailfish release flags and still bringing Dorado for the kitchens. Acres of Bonito causing white froth as far as the eye can see covering the Zane Grey Reef and offshore along the drop off.

Marlin dancing on top of the waterThe trade winds from the north have not started to blow consistently as they normally do this time of year. As a result, we are experiencing rain on the coast while the sun is shining offshore. The currents are running a steady south to sorth at around two knots. The water has been a beautiful clean cobalt blue. We are noticing the Marlin bite explodes when the northerly winds blow. The northerly winds brings blue bird skies and a little bit of chop on the water.

Bob and Sally Kurz work lovingly with the IGFA Great Marlin Race. The Great Marlin Race is where sports fishermen from around the world participate by satellite tagging Marlin. The IGFA is working with Stanford University on this project to help understand the Marlin species better. Bob and Sally fish with us each year and it was great to get to spend time with them sharing stories and theories about fish. We always love how passionate they are about conservation and fishing. Bob and Sally released multiple Billfish each during their stay and we can’t wait to see them in August for the Tropic Star Lodge leg of the Great Marlin Race.

Marty and Mitch Firestein are a father son fishing duo from southern California. They are some of the fishiest people you could ever hope to meet with a love for the sport and its participants. I always enjoy catching up with the gents and seeing the toys they bring. They always bring beautiful fishing lures which we rig up here at the lodge. Their lures worked well did as Mitch achieved his personal Grand Slam releasing a Black Marlin, Blue Marlin and Pacific Sailfish! Congrats, Mitch!

Nick Bischoff along with his dad, Steve, visited us from Florida. The guys brought along friends Wes Wooten and Mark Robitaille. The Bischoffs are experienced anglers so they let Wes have the first go on the rod. Wes was rewarded with a 550 lb Black Marlin, his first. The group of guys released multiple Sailfish and another large Black female of 500 lb but the highlight was their second day on the water when the guys released a boat Grand Slam releasing a Blue Marlin, Black Marlin and a Pacific Sailfish.

Phil Miner brought six friends to Tropic Star for a fishing getaway. The group fished a four-boat fleet and  had fun rather they were just chasing after or catching the fish. Kelly Verrochi decided to take it easy one day and planned to only go out for a few hours by herself. She left the dock at her leisure and just a few short hours later she came back to the dock with a Marlin release flag, she released her first 350 lb Black Marlin. Father and son, Bob and Clint Whitley, also had a fantastic time out on the water together. Bob got to witness his son, Clint, release his first Pacific Sailfish of 90 lb and his first Black Marlin of 500 lb.

Paul Snider joined us for his annual trip with his son Paul Jr. The pair had amazing fishing and time out on the water together. They released loads of billfish during their week-long trip and Paul Jr. released his first Black Marlin of 400 lb. Father and son came back to the dock on one special day achieving a Boat Grand Slam, the guys released a Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, and a Pacific Sailfish.

The Black Marlin are starting to arrive and we’re excited to see what’s in store for us here. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Tight lines and fair seas,
Capt. Richard White

Panamanian Mola

Tropic Star Lodge

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