2018 Fishing Season Highlights

Getting ready for a day on the water

Black Marlin are coming through the reef to feed in droves and it has been nothing short of incredible here at Tropic Star Lodge. The Black Marlin bite is just seven miles away from the Lodge and Blue Marlin are cruising at the drop off joined by insane amounts of Dorado. The Sailfish have been found in between the Marlin action for those anglers chasing their Grand Slam. During the week one angler released a personal Grand Slam and there was also two Boat Slams bringing the count to 16 slams for the season. The largest fish for the week was a 600 lb Black released on the Zane Grey Reef and there were multiple fish released of over 500 lb.

Summer is here and the weather is fine! Everyday is blue skies with not a cloud in sight. The seas have been calm with just a slight chop from the constant northerly winds that we expect this time of year.

IMG 5883You can find David Palmer and James Schrank at the same place same time each year. The guys meet here at Tropic Star to put their might against the ultimate in deep sea sports fishing, the Marlin. David and James both released very good sized Black and Blue Marlin and quite a few Sailfish all over 100 lb. In between billfish strikes, the guys spent their time reeling in loads of Dorado.

Don and Gloria Gaitor from New England returned with friends Dwyer Maloney, Eric Stewart, Andrew Connell, and Brian Burgeson. The group fished on three boats and they were never short on laughter. Don and Gloria both released their first Sailfish as did Brian and Dwyer, all coming in over the 100 lb mark. Eric and Don released their first Blue Marlin of 350 lb and 400 lb, respectively. Brian also released his first Black Marlin coming in at an estimated 400 lb. One of the group’s boats had 14 shots at Pacific Sailfish and released an impressive 10 Sailfish in one day. Over the course of the week, the group caught so much Dorado that they were releasing them to be caught another day. In all, the three boats released nearly 40 billfish -well done! 

Sam and Jennifer Galloway visit us each year with family and friends, Tom and Katherine Dougherty. This year they brought along Bill and Jim Dougherty and Martha and Frank Dougherty. The group experienced lots of excitement on the water. Tom released a personal Grand Slam, releasing a Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Sailfish. Tom also went on later in the week to be part of two Boat Slams where their boat released a Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Pacific Sailfish. The group fished a two boat fleet and all had fantastic fishing catching nearly 50 Dorado and successfully releasing 24 billfish for the week.

For Mark Mahaffey it was his 14th visit to Tropic Star Lodge. Mark comes each year with his son, Tom. Mark and Tom brought friends Frank Zollo, Barbara and Sam Gassaway and dear friend, Bill Bond. The group fished on two boats and had loads of fun! Frank released his first Blue Marlin of 300 lb and first Black Marlin 400 lb. Sam Gassaway released his first Sailfish of 80 lb and first Blue Marlin of 350 lb and his wife, Barbara, outdid him releasing a Sailfish of 100 lb and first Black Marlin of 200 lbs. Bill Bond also released  his first Marlin, a 450 lb Black. On the final day out on the water Mark released another giant Black Marlin making for a nice goodbye to a memorable week.

Sheila and Michael Bonsignore from Santa Barbara, California returned for the Black Marlin bite. Sheila and Mike released some of the larger Black Marlin patrolling Zane Grey Reef and also released quite a few Sailfish as well as a bunch of Tropic-Star-Lodge-sized Dorado.

The Bonsignores come each year with the Mahaffeys and Mike and Mark always hold a friendly tournament amongst the angers. The tournament was close all week due to all boats having awesome billfish action. In the end, the winner was Miss Darien who came out ahead after finishing the week with three Grand Slams.

The Black Marlin bite is hot and this is the type of excitement that Tropic Star Lodge is known for. All of us here are excited for the next few weeks while the action continues.

Tight lines and fair seas.
Capt. Richie White

Panamanian Mola

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