2018 Fishing Season Highlights

Dorado bite is on at the Tropic Star Lodge

The Marlin bite this last week was one of those that you hope and dream to be part of. Some boats did better than others, but every boat released a Black Marlin. From private sport fishers to our fleet of 31’ Bertram’s, everyone was astern chasing down Marlin. The larger females have arrived and are attacking our baits. The Black Marlin bite was just five to eight miles from the Lodge. Bait was tricky to find but once you got it there was a very good chance you were going head-to-head with the big one. The largest fish of the week came in at 700 lb and we had close to 20 Marlin called at 500 lb plus. For those going for a Grand Slam the Blue Marlin bite was located on the ledge where the water was deeper. There were also a few Sails still in the mix and extra-large Dorado. A few large Yellowfin Tuna of 200 lb were also landed. This meant back-breaking effort for the anglers and also great poke, sashimi, and seared tuna for everyone!

Huge Dorado being found and caught by the crewsfrom Tropic Star LodgeThis season the weather has been strange, as I’ve mentioned previously in my fishing reports. However, over the past two to three weeks it has been exactly what we expect for this time of year. Not a cloud in the sky, temperatures into the 90’s (although can feel much warmer), a northerly breeze opposite the current to make a little chop. The current is running a good two knots south to north for most of the week. On the outside we experienced some colder water for a few days but the water inside was always around 84 degrees Fahrenheit and teaming with Black Marlin.

Ian and Wendy Openshaw have been visiting the Lodge for over ten years and have had more than their fair share of good fishing, however, this year was special for them. The couple travel all the way from the UK annually for some fun in the sun and to chase Marlin. The pair is always full of laughter and very competitive in a really fun way. This week they each released multiple Marlin with their tally at 14 Marlin released for the week. Their hookup to release ratio was incredible with them only missing three fish the entire week.

Guests from Arkansas, Donald and Martha Goldman, joined us in Piñas Bay to target some giant Marlin. Donald and I agree that ladies make better anglers than men and this week Martha showed everyone just that. Martha released a 700 lb Black Marlin for her biggest of the week. Martha also landed a Yellowfin Tuna of over 250 lb, quite the accomplishment for any angler.  Donald also released his fair share of Marlin during the week, along with some extra-large Dorado.

Rudy Nelson brought his sons Rodolfo III and Juan Carlos. Rudy is the proud grandfather of 11 grandchildren and loves to live life to the fullest. While on this particular fishing trip with his boys they experienced the excitement of fishing Black Marlin action together. The gents have all caught Marlin before, but this time they were able to do it together at Tropic Star Lodge.  They released seven Black Marlin during their stay and Juan Carlos released his first ever Black Marlin of 400 lb. The guys also brought back a good number of Dorado to the dock for us for our famous Dorado fingers.

John McDonough and Nancy Kohl came to the jungle to have some fun in the sun and to celebrate Nancy’s birthday. The couple really did have a great time with the rest of the group as well as us here at the Lodge. John released his first Black Marlin of 450 lb and his first Blue Marlin of 300 lb. On one special day the couple released two Blacks and two Blues and were determined to follow up with a Sailfish. Unfortunately, Neptune has decided to save that for their next trip to Tropic Star.

Thomas and Susan Ragsdale caught six Marlin, three Blacks and three Blues. The couple had so much fun seeing the action on the water and enjoyed the excitement of what makes Marlin fishing so unique and fun. The Ragsdales also caught loads of Dorado and got some Yellowfin Tuna action. We can’t wait to welcome Tom and Susan back to the jungle.

The group of guests this week had fun with a tournament and competition between boats. And man– did it get competitive. Banter was going back and forth and old friends were reunited after not seeing each other for a year or two. The guests finished off a fantastic week celebrating with epic fishing tales. Old friends mixed and new friends were made at our send-off dinner Friday night where we finish off with our signature Baked Alaska. I hope you enjoy the photos from a wonderful week here in the jungle.

Tight lines and fair seas.
Capt. Richard White

Panamanian Mola

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