2018 Fishing Season Highlights

Broom tail Grouper caught in the waters off Piñas Bay, Panama

The inshore bite is in full swing and anglers are ticking species off their bucket list daily. Whether it is the prehistoric looking Cubera Snapper with their fierce looking teeth or the agile and relentless punk rocker of the sea, the Roosterfish. These two species are some of the most sought after inshore fish because of their incredible strength, beauty, and sheer size. They are definitely not the only fish bending rods and smashing top water baits in and around the rocks. Grouper, Bluefin Trevally, African Pompano and Almaco Jacks are some of the more common species our anglers are hooking into. Offshore a few lucky anglers have still found Black and Blue Marlin which are more infrequent this time of year. Yellowfin Tuna have also been feeding in huge schools alongside large pods of Porpoise.

Roosterfish showing off his crestIn the shallows the water has become cooler and cleaner. Seas have been calm with small swells and gentle breezes throughout the day with the wind picking up later in the afternoon. Offshore the water is on the cooler side for Marlin– but the temperature is just right for Yellowfin. Bait-wise, the smaller Goggle Eyes have been plentiful in the shallows while the larger Bonito and Hard Tails are more scarce.

This wek we welcomed guests Jerome and Theresa Krier back to the Lodge. Last time they were here Jerome released a beautiful Marlin. This time it was Theresa’s turn. On the first day; they hooked into a great Blue and after over half an hour on the rod the fish came off the hook just feet from the boat with the leader just out of reach. The couple had more shots at Marlin and also released some incredibly large inshore species and brought us back Yellowfin Tuna for fresh Sashimi to feed the lodge.

Brendan Ludwig is an incredible young man who loves to fish! Brendan was here earlier in the year with his dad, Michael, to target his Black Marlin. He has his Blue and Sail and is hunting for his Black. For this trip he also convinced his mom, Nancy, and his younger brother, Ryan, to join him and his dad at Tropic Star Lodge. It was great having the entire Ludwig family with us and Brendan and his dad experienced great fishing releasing a Blue Marlin right out the gates. Neptune decided it was not Brendan’s time for his Black but we know it’s in his future. The gents also got into some amazing Yellowfin action and Brendan released his first ever Roosterfish.

James Walters, brought his son, Kyle, and Kyle’s lucky friend, Derek Johnson, for a three-day trip to Tropic Star Lodge. James was the winner of our 2017 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show draw, winning a fishing trip to Tropic Star. The guys had a great time on the water and he was able to share the experience with his son. The gents released multiple Roosterfish, Amberjack and Yellowfin Tuna. We look forward to seeing these guys return for their Marlin.

It was a really fun week with new guests becoming family and our returning family coming home. Anglers got to put ticks on their bucket list and share their stories over Pina Coladas and laughter. The time flew by and we can’t wait to see what Neptune has in store for us for our guests next week.

Tight lines and fair seas,
Richard White

Panamanian Mola

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