2018 Fishing Season Highlights

Beautiful sailfish caught in the waters of Panama

Flags have been flying high on our rainbow fleet of Bertrams. Our anglers’ spirits are high as many have ticked off species from their fishing bucket lists. Over the past two weeks the offshore bite has been fun with loads of Yellowfin Tuna going neck and neck against our anglers. We are even releasing Yellowfin as we have had too many to handle! The Dorado have become more frequent with monsters of over 50 lb as the main targets. The Sailfish are beginning to arrive for their annual run and we have been releasing Marlin. The sharks have also been more prevalent this season, which is a great sign of a healthy fishery. Inshore has been an absolute blast with Roosterfish engulfing live bait and the Snapper tearing poppers and live bait without care.

We have been receiving rain almost every afternoon and sunshine offshore for the most part. The rains have brought with them the trash lines offshore. Right now the trash lines are day to day, some days they are there and some days not. The current (trash) lines are a precursor for the offshore bite to really ignite. The bait fish have been thick this season and within these current lines as they hide underneath anything that can provide cover from the predators above. This also means that the bait fish congregate in the areas where the predator fish will be coming through.

Getting ready for a exhilarating day of fishingGuests Mark and Patty Lucht are part of our extended Tropic Star Family and it was great visiting with them again, especially since they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary with us. Mark and Patty had some great fishing aboard the Miss Scandia, our newly redone boat with Capt. Jose. Both Mark and Patty are avid anglers with a lot of experience. Mark got to put this experience to good use as he fought and released a couple Marlin which really gave him a memorable fight. Mark also released a monster Roosterfish. During their week, the couple caught and released some fantastic fish. They had more than a few Yellowfin, large Dorado, multiple Roosterfish, and a few Cubera Snapper.

James Dunnigan from Las Vegas, Nevada joined us for his first taste of the Tropic Star Lodge experience. James is an avid angler who loves to learn as much as he can and who knows his way around a fishing boat. He brought all his toys with him on this trip and was definitely prepared for the monsters that lie in wait under the surface. Because of all his preparation, James released multiple Marlin. There were also a few that, unfortunately, got away– but that’s fishing. He also caught large Dorado, loads of Yellowfin Tuna and had just a great time all round.

Florida Radio personality and avid fisherman; Paul Castronovo and his lifelong fishing buddy, Thomas Barba, brought their sons to Panama on a father-son fishing trip. The two sons, Anthony and Thomas, had heard all about Tropic Star from their dads and had done their research on the internet. It was great spending time with the gents and the tales from their day out was fun to hear each afternoon. They experienced it all; an insane Tuna feeding frenzy where everyone hooked up on poppers, releasing their first Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, Mullet Snapper and various other Snapper species including the Green Bar Snapper (which locals say taste like tennis shoes). Coming from Florida they were also introduced to the Pacific Dorado, which is just the same as the Atlantic, just much larger. It’s safe to say the guys had the trip of a lifetime and we can’t wait to see them back.

Donald and Carol Barber were joined by their good friend Scott Mikkelsen; visiting Tropic Star Lodge to get Carol her Black Marlin. Donald has caught his Royal Slam of billfish and was on a mission to get Carol her Black. Carol is also one of the very few people in the world who has actually caught a Longbill Spearfish as well as a Shortbill Spearfish. Every day the group arrived back to the dock with smiles and tales of big fish… but never the Black, until the final hour of the final day when a beauty of around 300 lb got hooked up. Carol was up and she fought and released her Black Marlin. Congratulations Carol, we are all so happy that you released your Black Marlin with us at Tropic Star Lodge to complete all the Marlin species.

The fishing has just been getting better and better as each week passes. The crews are fired up as the billfish and big Dorado have started to make their ways back into our waters. We have been having an absolutely amazing time with all the guests and everyone is loving the new restaurant and bar area where stories and laughter can always be heard. We hope to welcome you here at our little piece of paradise in the jungle very soon.

Tight lines and fair seas,
Capt. Richard White

Panamanian Mola

Tropic Star Lodge

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