2018 Fishing Season Highlights

Tropic Star Lodge fishing fleet ready for a day of sportfishing

We have had a consistent Yellowfin Tuna bite over the last few months and in the past two weeks the billfish have come through in a big way. We are now frequently getting multiple hook ups on Sailfish and the Marlin have not been far behind with boats raising and releasing multiple fish each day. The majority of the Marlin have been Blue Marlin which is expected this time of year. We have also been seeing good numbers of Black Marlin.  We had three junior anglers under thirteen years old all release their first Marlin the past few weeks. Inshore, the bite is still incredible with Roosterfish being the stars of the show and Cubera Snappers dazzling anglers with their powerful runs. We were very excited to have our first Wahoo of the season come through– which is hopefully a sign for a good Wahoo season to come.

Small fry fisherman with his big catchThe sea temperature has been 84 degrees and the current a steady south to north at around a knot and a half. The waters offshore have been that cobalt blue and the current lines are well formed and becoming more common to find. These current lines are producing some exceptional catches. We are experiencing showers most afternoons back at the Lodge and offshore it has been calm seas with sunshine. Inshore we are seeing more rain and the current has been swirling which has been perfect conditions for those inshore monster fish.

Our guests Michael and Lynn Farlow returned to Tropic Star Lodge to catch as many species as possible and enjoy the inshore action. Both of them have caught outstanding Marlin and Sailfish at the Lodge and we love seeing them back. Michael is an avid writer and it is always fun catching up with this fishy couple. The fishing duet had fun offshore with Dorado, Tuna and some Billfish but it was inshore where they absolutely nailed it releasing 28 Roosterfish in just three days. Capt. Gavilan put them on the fish and the action was incredible.  Seeing the smiles to match the number of flags flying on their boat was amazing to be a part of. We can’t wait to welcome them back again.

Philip and Sandy Korenek are longtime Tropic Star Lodge family members and it is always great catching up with them. This time around brought James and Megan Mansfield with for a fishing trip that no one will forget. Last time Phil and Sandra joined us they had a tough Marlin bite, but this time the ocean provided. On day one Phil released a massive Black Marlin of 750 lb and Sandy snapped some beautiful photos of her. Sandy released her first Blue Marlin of 250 lb and Phil also released his first Blue of 300 lb. Throughout the week the Koreneks came back to the dock with flags flying high with new fishing tales to share with fellow anglers. James and Megan were not too far behind with some incredible fish released. Both Megan and James released their first Pacific Sailfish of 90 lb and 100 lb, respectively. The most special catch for them, however, was James’s colossal Roosterfish which he caught right off the dock!

John Vingas and Brenda Bonn from California love being out on the water together and it was great to have John back at the Lodge again. Both John and Brenda are avid anglers and Brenda was here to take on as many big fish as she could. Capt. Vicente made sure of just that. Brenda released a 600 lb Black Marlin, 400 lb Blue Marlin, and a 120 lb Sailfish along with one of the biggest Roosterfish of the season estimated at 65 lb. We had a great time with the couple and thoroughly enjoyed eating the fresh Wahoo that they brought back to the dock.

Toke Aw and “BIG FISH” Bob visited us for their annual trip to the Darien Jungle. The duo always fish with Capt. Jose and so they got to try out Miss Scandia which has the new Volvo engines and AC. The fishing started off a little slow offshore but the inshore action was great. Bob was able to really hone his skills hooking up Roosterfish and after a few missed attempts, enjoyed a double up with his buddy. As the Marlin bite heated up toward the end of the week, the gentlemen released multiple Marlin on light tackle. By the end of the week Bob was on fire and had gone from causal weekend warrior fishermen to Tropic Star Trainee! Way to go Bob.

Three generations of the Torres family came to fish Tropic Star Lodge together. Wow did they have fun! Michael Sr. was joined by his son Michael Jr. and grandson, Mason. The guys are crazy about fishing and ready to take on whatever Neptune provided. Mason was the angling champion of the group releasing his first ever 350 lb Black Marlin on his first day out. His grandad also released his first Pacific sail of 90 lb and a Blue Marlin of 200 lb. Michael Sr. said he loved catching his billfish but seeing Mason hooked up to that Black was one of the best days of his life.

Our guest Harry Brickley, at 91 years young, has been fishing all over the world. He joins us twice a year to scratch his Marlin itch. Harry has a rule that he only reels in Marlin and so always need a little help with all the other fish. This trip his boat released nine Marlin in two days, including a grand slam of a Black a Blue and a Sailfish. In just three days the boat released one Black Marlin, nine Blue Marlin and four Sailfish. Suffice to say he had an exceptional trip and we can’t wait to see him back in January.

Brothers, Tom and Don Warda, from New York returned to Tropic Star Lodge after more than ten years since their last visit. We were happy to welcome them back. The guys were after Marlin, so much so, that they told their captain that Sailfish were “minus points” because their last trip they caught enough to sustain them through this one. They went on to release Black and Blue Marlin as well Sailfish, they couldn’t help but catch. They also caught a beautiful Dorado of over 50 lb. On the last day, they decided to change things and headed inshore targeting Roosterfish. They released a few Roosters, with one of 45 lb.

By the end of last week, the offshore fishing had really turned on. It was incredible to see three boats release Grand Slams. Anglers were walking the first billfish Tropic Star plank almost every day. The dock was electric and stories and laughter continued at the bar over a cold beer. This time of year is truly one of the best times to fish with incredible diversity out on the water. It is also so special to share in the thrill junior anglers have catching their dream fish.

Until next time…tight lines and fair seas.
Capt. Richard White

Panamanian Mola

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