2018 Fishing Season Highlights

above and below - fish and fisherman

Offshore the bite has varied this past week due to a drop in pressure and with it a big storm moving through. That said, the fleet still released three Grand Slams. We are catching Blue Marlin on both live and artificial baits past the drop off around 20 miles from the Lodge. Sailfish and Dorado are also in the same area where the Blues are. Yellowfin Tuna are schooling up with the Porpoise and Gannet birds. They have been found a bit closer in and are often seen while running out to the Marlin grounds. The Black Marlin have been patrolling the drop off and a few were released on Zane Grey Reef. Inshore, the bite has continued to be very productive with Roosterfish charging down surface lures and live bait. For a few lucky guests, there have also been Bluefin Trevally as well as Tarpon.

Sea conditions have been calm and gentle almost every day. Offshore, the water has been cobalt blue and even pushing in all the way up to the rocks on some days. Current lines have been forming, not every day, but there have been some phenomenal days of fishing off flotsam holding thousands of bait fish. The rainy season is in full swing. Afternoon showers are common and offshore has been mostly sunny with storms rolling  in the distance and often along the mountain ranges.

Great fishing partnersBrothers, Larry and Alan Langohr, visited us for an eight-day trip. The brothers both have a passion for fishing. Larry and “Handsome Al”, as I got to know him by, are some of the most fun and happy gents I have ever had the fortune of meeting. I think Neptune thought the same. Both brothers goal was to release a Marlin and Capt. Libardo made that happen. On the very first day out on the water Alan released a 350 lb Blue Marlin and Larry released a 250 lb Black Marlin. They also caught more than their fair share of Tuna, some outstanding Sailfish and giant XL Dorado this part of the world in known for. We have their dates set for next season and can’t wait to see them back in the jungle.

Father and son trips are always a lot of fun and with the Lybarger boys it was one for the books. Michael Lybarger brought his sons, Alex and Bryan, for some offshore fishing fun along with friends, Tommy Crume and Keith Rains. The gents fished on Pollyanna with Capt. Randy Baker and had some great fun on and off the water. Jokes were always readily available and a lot of banter between the brothers which equaled a lot of laughter. Alex released his first Blue Marlin of 300 lb and Brian released his first Pacific Sailfish of 80 lb. Tommy Crume also released his first Pacific Sail of 81 lb and Keith released his first ever Black Marlin at 250 lb, giving the gentlemen a Boat Grand Slam on the 29th of July.

We had three generations from the Demos family visit us. All of whom clearly love adventure. Dave came with his son Colin and his two grandsons Brian and Caleb. Their trip was two years in the making so the guys were very excited to get out on the water. Their main targets were billfish and Roosterfish inshore. With the smaller bait fish active offshore I offered they start with Marlin before heading inshore. Neptune blessed the family as everybody caught and released their first Blue Marlin. Dave released his at an estimated 400 lb, Colin at 200 lb, Brian at 200 lb, and Caleb at 350 lb. It is definitely going to be a day that the Demos family remembers always. The guys didn’t stop there though, they went on to release more Marlin and Sailfish, caught loads of Yellowfin in the frequent tuna frenzies, and then inshore released Roosterfish, one a trophy of over 50 lb.

Drew Boggs and his daughters, Leah and Logan came with Lindsay Bush to target Marlin. Team Boggs stayed in our new villa suite and enjoyed some incredible fishing. During our fishing meet and greet seminar Drew said his goal was to get his girlfriend and daughters their first Marlin. Drew was on the camera and I’m so glad because he was a busy man. On the first day Lindsay and Logan released their first Marlin and Leah her first Pacific Sailfish. Capt. Flaco was on fire and the action didn’t stop there. Logan also released her Second Blue Marlin and Leah her first Blue Marlin.

The Thompsons were back in town and chasing down some world records last week. Drew and his wife, Donna, brought their incredible daughters, Maya and Ava. Both girls are already in the IGFA world record book and this year they were on the hunt for more world records. The family fought and released Marlin, one of them being Maya’s first Black Marlin of 200 lb. They also caught Yellwofin Tuna, Dorado and Sailfish. Maya also got a great big old Tarpon of over 100 lb. As for the world records, Maya and Ava have pending Greenbar Snapper world records. Ava also has two pending Smallfry world records pending for Rainbow Runner and Bluefin Trevally. Always such a pleasure spending time with the Thompson family and what a special week they had!

Gary Furness and his daughter, Allya, joined us from Santa Rosa, California for their second trip to Tropic Star Lodge. We were very happy to welcome them back. Allya is an avid angler and she had some spectacular catches during her week fishing with us. Allya released two Blue Marlin giving her a total of three Marlin for her summer break. The other she caught while vacationing in Hawaii. Allya though really wanted her first Roosterfish and Capt. Lorenzo on Canada delivered. Allya released three Roosterfish including her first all over 30 lb. Allya also caught a big 15 lb Rainbow Runner and a 125 lb Bull Shark. We can’t wait to see Gary and Allya back next year.

Dan and Nicole Pacella returned with their two sons, Blake and “Moose” Morgan. This year family friends, the Daltons, joined in on the fun. Last year team Pacella absolutely smashed the fishing offshore with giant Dorado and a Grand Slam. This year it was a little slower offshore relatively speaking. Blake caught a beauty of a Yellowfin of a 100 lb while fishing in the middle of a Tuna boil. They also released billfish offshore and nice-sized Dorado. The best photo of the week was unquestionably taken by Nicole with her incredible shot of a Humpback Whale breaching. Both Moose and his brother also released their first Roosterfish on a day inshore along with a bunch of other species. The Dalton family also had some amazing fishing with dad, Harold, on the camera. Mom, Ellen Dalton, said she was super proud of her son, Jack, after he fought and released his first Marlin, a Black Marlin of 500 lb. Jack’s sister, Lucy, also released a beauty of a Blue Marlin called at 200 lb.

The diverse bite has meant lots of fun for everyone. Our resident Roosterfish who like to patrol the waters around our dock even got in on the action. Teddy Landefeld released the 65 lb Roosterfish, the second guest this week who has released a fish of that size right off the dock. Everyone has been enjoying the pool and camaraderie that goes hand in hand with exchanging fishing stories over pina coladas and snacks. The season has been spectacular so far and there is even more to come.

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