2019 Fishing Season Highlights

heading out to the fertile waters in Piñas Bay

The Black Marlin have been tailing on the surface along with huge amounts of Sailfish spotted. The billfish have not been aggressive and are sunning themselves on the surface due to the cooler water. We are getting huge schools of Yellowfin Tuna followed closely by the Porpoise that feed with them. Large schools of Sardines have shown up along with hordes of small squid. Inshore, the Cubera Snapper, Grouper, Bluefin Trevally and other species have started to come into the shallows. As the cooler waters move in we see fish hatching in the shallows which marks the start of our great inshore fishing season.

Marlin bite is still there, just a little tougher

The Marlin bite was tough over the last week with only a few Black Marlin released by the fleet. A few boats went further offshore for Dorado and the odd Blue Marlin at about 16 Miles out. In the begging of the week boats were loading up on Yellowfin Tuna around 20 lb to 60 lb on poppers and cedar plugs. As the week went on the Yellowfin were replaced by shoals of Dorado as the seas warmed up. Inshore, anglers caught everything from Grouper to Roosterfish. Some gorgeous Cubera Snapper were released and the numbers of Jacks and Mackerel caught was just insane in between the more sought after species.

Fishing fleet highlighted against the sky

The Marlin bite started off solid this week but tapered off by the end of the week with water temperatures fluctuating causing the fish to have lock jaw. Boats reported seeing multiple billfish most days but were only just following baits. Trying to get a bite out of one was tough. But, we had some boats experience multiple Black Marlin releases in day. The Yellowfin Tuna bite offshore went nuts when the water temperature dropped, with boats catching over 30 Tuna in a day.

Huge black marlin in the 450 to 500 pound range

Our anglers released numerous Black Marlin with the largest of the week estimated at around 450 to 500 lb. Mid-week cooler waters came through and so did the Yellowfin Tuna. The Yellowfin bite really took off in a big way and we started to see a lot of feeding frenzies offshore with birds and dolphins all working together. The Marlin bite was up and down over the past week due to the overnight drop in water temperature of just over 5 degrees.

Big marlin taking the bait in the waters of Pinas Bay

The bite over the past week was one of those story book fishing adventures that we all hope we are part of someday. The Black Marlin came through in huge numbers and quite a few nice-sized fish were released around the 500 lb mark. Blue Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, and a few large Yellowfin Tuna were part of the action. Our guest, Toast Ritter, who visits us every other year landed a tuna of 211 lb. The Dorado have relentlessly been plaguing anglers with over 500 Dorado caught and released for the week.

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