2019 Fishing Season Highlights

Fish on! Marling trying to shake the hook.

The Offshore bite has been phenomenal with five Grand Slams so far this season. Most consisted of Boat Slams and one personal Grand Slam. An offshore slam at Tropic Star Lodge normally involves a Black Marlin, Blue Marlin and Pacific Sailfish released in a single day. We have started to see more and more Black Marlin showing up and even a few larger females of over 600 lb. The Blue Marlin bite has been on fire with boats often experiencing three to five shots a day in between the hordes of Dorado. The Sailfish bite has been up and down with boats generally getting a few shots a day. We have seen the odd Yellowfin Tuna coming into the spread and hitting the Marlin baits, which is always great for the kitchen. The average Yellowfin this time of year is around the 100 lb mark but they are not easy to target.

Marling flags flyingThe winds have been swopping directions over the past week. One day coming from the north and the next coming from the south. This is to be expected this time of year and has made for a few bumpy days offshore when the northerly winds come up. The good thing is that when the northerly winds blow it is also a sign that the Black Marlin bite is going to be turning on soon. The water has been a beautiful electric blue for the most part of the week and the bite has been just 16 NM offshore with plenty of bait balls of Bonita Tuna popping up all along the drop off.

Michael and Linda Jozefiak came to Tropic Star with their five-year-old son, Michael Jr., who had some great goals for his first time going offshore for big fish. The family have a boat back home and Michael Jr. has caught the biggest fish on their boat which was a 47 inch Muskey. Before going out on the water, Michael Sr. told me he had been deep sea fishing four times in his life with no luck. He was here to see if the stories about the famed Tropic Star Lodge were really true. I’m very happy to report that everyone in the family released their first billfish and the whole family walked the plank firs billfish plank together. Michael released his first Blue Marlin of 200 lb, Linda released her first Blue Marlin of 250 lb and Michael Jr. released his first Pacific Sail of 85 lb. Michael Jr. won the angler of the week award for being just five years old and taking on an 85 lb Sailfish and multiple dorado.

Chris and Kristi Howson came to Panama to celebrate Kristi’s 40th birthday. They brought along their lovely daughters, Gena and Haylee. The family fished with Capt. Gustavo on Tiz Tiz. The family had some great fishing and released their first billfish and brought home many tasty Dorado. Kristi released her very first billfish, a Sailfish of 75 lb, Chris released his first Pacific Sailfish of 110 lb and his first Pacific Blue Marlin of 300 lb. Gena, took home top catch prize for the family, she released a 90 lb Pacific Sailfish and her first Blue Marlin of 350 lb.

Many Cailis and Rose Gauthier visited us for their annual trip bringing along friends and family. It is always an absolute blast seeing everyone and we shared so many laughs. Many’s dad, George, also joins in on the fun each year and he always starts a little competition amongst the anglers. This year the competition was to see who would be first to release a Black Marlin, a Blue Marlin and a Sailfish. Three people achieved this fete and the winner was decided on time. Their fleet released three Black, eight Blue Marlin and eight Pacific Sailfish. Pollyanna with Capt. Fidel was top boat for the week releasing five Blues, a Black and heap of Sailfish, including a Grand slam. In between the billfish action, the group also fought some monster Dorado. We can’t wait to see the group back next year for more shenanigans.

Brothers, Andy, Sam and Greg Yaffa, brought down the entire Yaffa clan for some fishing fun in the jungle. Greg has been to the lodge multiple times and it was great to see them him the rest of the Yaffa boys. Greg experienced some amazing fishing and the highlight was the one that got away. He fought and lost a beauty of Black Marlin of about 700 lb which we know is awaiting him for his return trip. The group released many memorable first catches. Steve Yaffa released a 350 lb Black Marlin, Zach Yaffa a 350 lb Blue Marlin, Aaron Yaffa a 300 lb Blue Marlin and Bernie Yaffa a 400 lb Blue Marlin. It’s sufficed to say that many a Yaffa walked the plank for their first billfish and we can’t wait to see them all back next year.

Judd Rosen and his brother Brett Rosen came to Tropic Star Lodge with their friends Zach Bodenheimer and Mustafa Dundashly. The buys they fished on the new Miss Australia with Capt. Candelo. The boat fought and released eight Marlin during their stay. They also released multiple Sailfish and caught a beautiful Yellowfin Tuna. Mustafa released his first Marlin, a Blue of 400 lb. Zach Bernheimer also released his first Blue of 400 lb. Both gentlemen walked the plank to cheers from everyone on the dock.

The fishing and camaraderie at Tropic Star has been sensational. So many guests have had the thrill their firs billfish releases. Ceremoniously walking the plank has been loads of fun for everyone and some guests even got their captains and mates to walk the plank with them. The anglers have been sharing laughs and drinks around the pool enjoying the sunny tropical weather with a drink in hand.

Tight lines and fair seas,
Capt. Richard White

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