2019 Fishing Season Highlights

 Marlin fight is on!

The bite over the past week was one of those story book fishing adventures that we all hope we are part of someday. The Black Marlin came through in huge numbers and quite a few nice-sized fish were released around the 500 lb mark. Blue Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, and a few large Yellowfin Tuna were part of the action. Our guest, Toast Ritter, who visits us every other year landed a tuna of 211 lb. The Dorado have relentlessly been plaguing anglers with over 500 Dorado caught and released for the week. The average size was around 25 lb to 30 lb.

image00046The seas were seasonally choppy and got snotty for one or two days as the northerly wind went opposite the current. The water was beautiful Marlin-blue and the current ran a consistent south to north. On the last two days of the week the current stalled and the water started to change a little but the bite was still strong.

Mark Mahafey comes to the lodge every year with friends and family. Each year he also coordinates a friendly tournament for the guests who are also at the Lodge. The friendly competition encourages comradery and is a really good way to engage the anglers in the fishing. Joining Mark on the trip was his son, Thomas, and his wife, Shannon, his daughter, Kiley Tolberg, and her husband, Jeremy. Mark also brought his good friend, Peter Truslow. The group fished on two boats and managed to rack up 16 Black Marlin releases during the six days of fishing. Peter released his first one and then his second and third. Peter was known by the end of the week as the “team hooker” after he was reeling in loads of Dorado every day!

Michael and Sheila Bonsignore visit every year the same week as their good friend, Mark Mahafey.  Mike co-hosts the tournament with Mark. Mike is our enforcer and is in charge of collecting all the money. The couple fished with Captain Jose on the Miss Scandia. The fishing started off with a few missed fish but the fishing really turned later in the week. The couple caught over 50 Dorado and released four Black Marlin and four Pacific Sailfish.

James Henchey was here for his third visit and brought friend, Steve Robinson. The friends came from the UK just across the pond. James joins us each year at the same time and always fishes with Capt. Flaco on Miss Alaska. This trip was Steve’s introduction to the world of Marlin fishing. Steve released his first ever Marlin and then some. It was a lot of fun watching Steve walk the plank for his first billfish release. Steve and James both released multiple Black Marlin and fought countless Dorado during their week-long stay.

Steve Bridges and Charles O’Desky are members of the very famous Tuna Club out of Huntington Beach, California and they joined us for an incredible Black Marlin bite. Steve has fished with us on a private boat and so this was his first time staying at the Lodge and fishing on one of our Bertram’s. The gents released six Black Marlin during their stay and a Blue Marlin. We exchanged many fishing and non-fishing tales during their trip.

The Black Marlin have been providing guests with spectacular areal displays. Anglers have been enjoying their time out at sea and back at the Lodge. The stories of a giant Black Marlin fight never get old. It doesn’t matter if you have caught one or a thousand, it’s like the first time every time you see a Black Marlin come flying out the water. There is nothing else like it.

Tight lines and fair seas

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