2019 Fishing Season Highlights

Cuber Snapper hauled in by a client

The Marlin bite started off solid this week but tapered off by the end of the week with water temperatures fluctuating causing the fish to have lock jaw. Boats reported seeing multiple billfish most days but were only just following baits. Trying to get a bite out of one was tough. But, we had some boats experience multiple Black Marlin releases in day. The Yellowfin Tuna bite offshore went nuts when the water temperature dropped, with boats catching over 30 Tuna in a day. Inshore, the bite also turned on with the water temperature drop. Species such as Snapper, Jack, and Roosterfish fed aggressively on the surface.

Fresh fish appetizerThe skies have been blue and we have had little to no wind. The seas have been calm with small swell. The water temperature, as mentioned, was up and down during the week and so crews worked hard to find fish, but find fish they did. The current moved great at the beginning of the week from a south to north but then started to slow down around the middle of the week.

Bob Shirey visited us at Tropic Star Lodge for the first time last year with his wonderful other half: Miss Jamie. This year Bob brought his two kids, William and Cayce, to share in on the fun. The two boats had some great fishing with Capt. Jacob and Capt. Azael. Bob and Jamie released Black Marlin, Sailfish and smashed the prized Cubera Snapper. Cubera Snapper flags were flying almost every day. William and Cayce didn’t spend to much time chasing Marlin but had loads of action. The two caught Yellowfin Tuna until their arms were sore and inshore released Cubera Snapper, Roosterfish and Bluefin Trevally.

Paulo Barreto and Olivo Gomez Neto have travelled to Tropic Star before from Brazil to chase big Black Marlin and this year was no different. Each year the gentlemen fish with Capt. Gustavo and on this trip the gents had some fish that really tested them. They released three beautiful Black Marlin along with Sailfish, Roosterfish and Cubera Snapper. The fish of the week went to Paulo who released 700 lb Black Marlin putting on an incredible display that Paulo will not forget. Paulo now has his sights set on breaking the 1000 lb mark.

Claes Dahlback, an avid fisherman and hunter, he has tried many times to get his first billfish. He travelled to Tropic Star Lodge with his brother, Sven, all the way from Sweden to take on some big Pelagic species. Claes has tried a few times to get his unicorn of the Ocean, a billfish. On his trip to Tropic Star Lodge both him and his brother released their first Pacific Sailfish. The gentleman also caught some large Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna and enjoyed delicious African Pompano for dinner after bringing one in. Unfortunately, the big Marlin alluded him on this trip, and so he will be back next year in January with his son. We can’t wait to see him back here!

Three generations from the Crowley family joined us for a family fishing get away. Many years ago Harrie brought his son, Don, to fish with us. Now Don returned the favor and brought his dad, Harrie, and Harrie’s grandson, Brad. The family trio also brought close friends Capt. Shannon Wall and Michael Timmony. The five guys stayed up in the Palace, the original owners’ house, and loved it. They fished with Capt. Jose and Capt. Walter with some incredible results. Everyone released a Black Marlin during their stay, with Shannon releasing his first of 400 lb and Brad his first of 300 lb. The group released some amazing fish and had many notable first catches including a 50 lb Roosterfish, loads of Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, and on one day Miss America came back to the dock flying eight orange flags for releasing eight Cubera Snapper including Shannon’s first Cubera Snapper of 50 lb! It was great seeing the guys all have so much fun with each other and sharing the exciting stories, high fives, and back slapping. We look forward to seeing the whole group back again sometime soon.

The week was challenging for some boats in our fleet and absolutely stellar for others. Our Chef, Gabriel, did an incredible job with the sushi and sashimi after all the fresh Yellowfin. Happy hour on Friday at the pool was memorable with good food, good people and cold drinks. As the seasons start to change, so too does the fishing. We are looking forward to see what the water and fish will be doing next week.

Tight lines and fair seas.
Capt. Richard White

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