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Through the weeks we had quite a few guests who re-  a relaxing day enjoying the beautiful vistas of Piñas Bay with our
 leased their first ever marlin. The captains had fun pushing their   famous piña coladas in hand. The fishing was great right out of the
 own guests off the dock and watching them swim to shore, a fun   gate. Andy released his first Pacific Blue Marlin of 350 lb. Colleen
 (and optional) tradition we have started here at Tropic Star. The   also released her first Blue Marlin of 300 lb. By the end of the first
 first-catch plunge into the ocean is followed by a short swim to   day the couple released five Blue Marlin! Over the course of their
 the beach under the famous Tropic Star sign where anglers are met   three-days on the water the Williams released a total of Nine Pacific
 with a fresh towel and   Blue Marlin.
 complementary  cold  Caption     George Robinson
 beverage.   returned for his second
 New  York-  trip to the Lodge with
 ers,  Aldo Lombardo,   his son,  Gregory, and
 Remo Dischino, Bob-  fishing Captain, Walter
 by Smith  and  Alfred   Ogden, to experience
 Ramos joined us at the   Tropic  Star  at  its  finest
 Lodge for some fantas-  onboard  the  Pollyanna.
 tic fishing with good   The guys were always
 friends.  The guys were   smiling  and sharing
 always quick with a sto-  fishing stories with the
 ry or joke and the team   rest of our guests. The
 seemed to be always   fish also joined the fun
 smiling. On one particu-  on  Pollyanna. The  boat
 lar day, the guys arrived   had incredible action.
 back at the dock full of   Greg released his first
 excitement.  They  had   Pacific Blue Marlin of
 a double up, but not a   250 lb. On the final day
 very common one, you   of fishing George re-
 see they thought they   leased the first Grand      Steven Wallace brought his grandson, 12-year-old   tossing James off the dock for his first Marlin release. Over the next
 had a double up on big   Slam of the season:    Miles Ostrow, fishing for his Bar Mitzvah present. Miles is crazy   few days, James went on to release a total of eight Blue Marlin
 Yellowfin  Tuna, but af-  Pacific Sailfish, a Black   about fishing and this trip was his dream come true with grand-  all in the 300 lb plus range.  A trip that father and son will cherish
 ter 15 minutes the tuna   Marlin, and a massive   dad. Miles’s goal was to catch a      forever.
 was acting strange and   Blue Marlin of 650 lb.   fish bigger than him, and that’s          James Henchey and Giles
 started heading for the      Margot and Kyle   exactly what he did! Miles re-           Sturges traveled from London
 surface. That was at the   Vincent, grandmother   leased his first Marlin, a Pacific    for a week of fishing. James has
 same moment when a   and  grandson,  were   Blue of 225 lb. On their return to          been chasing Marlin since he saw
 Black Marlin of around   back to visit Tropic Star   the dock, the two gentlemen had    his father catch one when he was
 350 lb flew out the wa-  for a holiday out on the   grins ear to ear. On the last day   thirteen years old. He has read all
 ter. The guys successful-  water. Neptune blessed   Miles beat his record by releas-    the books and watched every vid-
 ly released the marlin and then Bobby focused on the tuna. Once   them with great sea conditions and incredible fishing.  Returning to   ing the biggest Black Marlin of   eo he possibly could. James has
 the tuna was landed the guys came in to weigh her. She came in   the dock with multiple Pacific Sailfish and Marlin flags flying high   the week at 550 lb. The fish was   had Marlin on the line in Austra-
 at 233 lb. On their final day out, the guys’ luck didn’t stop and re-  each day for their combined releases.  Kyle released a Blue Marlin   a monster and Steve proclaimed   lia, Cape Verde, and everywhere
 leased Blue Marlin and Pacific Sailfish.   of over 500 lb after a two-and-a-half-hour fight.  The second time   that it was the best day of his life   in between, however, has never
    Andy and Colleen Williams joined us from Florida for   the mate got hold of the leader, the 500 lb snap swivel broke open.    seeing his grandson fight and   been able to successfully release
 unforgettable fishing. On arrival, the couple settled right in and had   It was an awesome release; one Margot and Kyle will never forget.
          release Her Majesty. Steve and                                                 one. Neptune decided it was time
          Miles  also  caught  and released                                              for James to be rewarded. Both
          two more Blue Marlin, multiple                                                 James and Giles successfully re-
          Pacific Sailfish, and a 30 lb Alma-                                            leased their first Marlin, a pair of
          co Jack.                                                                       Blues. At the dock, they celebrat-
                 Jim Dugan  brought                                                      ed their first catches with a swim
          his son, James, to catch his first                                             back to the Lodge.  Those first
          Marlin for a college graduation                                                releases opened the flood gates.
          present. It is always special  to                                              Giles released his first Pacific
          see father-son trips like this as                                              Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, and
          I know how special it is to fish                                               Pacific Sailfish. James released
          with my own father. On their                          Caption                  his first Pacific Blue Marlin and
          first day out, the father-son duo                                              Black Marlin. James went head-
          hooked up into a double-header fighting the Blue Marlin literally              to-head with the 600 lb Black,
          back to back! James released his first ever Marlin just moments be-  the biggest of the week. In total, the guys released 12 Marlin in
          fore his dad released the second one in the double header. James’s   their six days of fishing, and countless  Sailfish and Dorado. A few
          fish was called at 300 lb. The captain, Jim, and I thoroughly enjoyed   of the Dorado in the 40 lb range were impressively caught on fly.

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