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Ned Brown visited us again from San Francisco, California.      Joe and Nancy Frazer who have been part of our extended
          Ned experienced exceptional fishing on Miss America. He caught a   fishing family for many years came to join us for a Valentine’s fish-
          153 lb. Yellowfin Tuna. As the only anger on the boat Ned really had   ing trip. Over the years, Joe and Nancy have been fishing together
          his work cut out for him. Ned released a total of seven Black Marlin   on many different boats, and as it turns out, the 31’ Bertram that
          and two Pacific Sailfish.  On one special day Ned released three   Nancy caught her very first marlin on during their honeymoon is
          beautiful Blacks.                                     now part of the Tropic Star fleet. On Valentine’s day Nancy released
                 Nikki and Bill Wilson joined us for their annual trip to   a beauty of a Black Marlin of around 500 lb. Joe has watched Nancy
          Tropic Star Lodge and took up their usual residence in Cabin 2 over-  catch multiple Black Marlin here and in Australia with none under
          looking the pool. The first day out on the water the couple released   his belt. This time Neptune saw the kind-hearted romantic that Joe
          four Black Marlin! Throughout the week the couple released a total   is and rewarded him with his first Black Marlin of 300 lb. Congrat-
          of nine Black Marlin and a handful of Sailfish, and some Dorado   ulations, (Lover-boy) Joe!
          and Yellowfin for supper. The Wil-                                                 Tye and Malia Smith came
          sons also had the pleasure of see-                                            down to Tropic Star Lodge for their
          ing their son, Heath Haley, release                                           honeymoon from Georgia. Tye and
          his first Blue Marlin of 400 lb and                                           Malia were the first guests to stay
          first Black Marlin of 400 lb. Nikki                                           in our newly renovated honey-
          also caught the largest Marlin of                                             moon cabin.  Tye’s parents used to
          the week, a beautiful Black female                                            frequent the Lodge every year and
          of 600 lb.                                                                    it was wonderful looking through
                 Ron and  Virginia Mos-                                                 our past guest books to read about
          er joined us from Texas. Both Ron                                             their parents past adventures. The
          and Ginny are experienced anglers                                             couple discovered that Tye’s par-
          having participated in the Offshore                                           ents, “O.T.” and Ann Smith, used
          World Championships together.                                                 to rent the palace every year with
          Ginny also fishes on an all-ladies                                            Valerie and Walter Neff  and Percy
          team in Texas. Ron came to Piñas                                              and Bill Chapell.  Tye and Malia
          with one goal, to complete a Royal                                            enjoyed reminiscing with Terri and
          slam. The Royal Slam is a lifetime                                            Mike about their parents wild and
          achievement award for releasing                                               crazy parties  at the palace.  Jim-
    Tom and Carlyle Windley joined us for some father son   did. Mickey’s was also bigger than his dad’s which he was very   nine different billfish from around   my Buffet attended one of these
 time on the water. They had aspirations of catching big Marlin and   proud of. The boat released a total of eight Blue Marlin, four Sail-  the world. Ron accomplished this   parties and sang some songs
 other offshore species. On their first day out Tom released his first   fish, and several Dorado. I know this will be a boys’ trip that the   very special feat by releasing his Black Marlin. Congrats!  as an anniversary present for O.T. and Ann in the dining room.
 Pacific Sailfish of 90 lb and watched his son, Carlyle, release his first   guys will never forget.     The Lodge was very honored to have a second guest com-      Tye desperately wanted to help his wife catch a Black
 Blue Marlin of 300 lb. The bite didn’t slow down for the guys. As      IGFA representatives Bob and Sally Kurz join us each   plete their Royal Slam. Bill Snyder visited us for a boys’ fishing trip   Marlin and teach her how to hook up fish with a circle hook. By the
 the week went on they returned each day to the dock with wilder   year from California. Bob and Sally are both very passionate about   with friends, Art Friedman and William Leathers. Bill released his   end of their stay, Malia was hooking up her own giant Dorado and
 tales than the previous day. For the week, they released one Black   the sport of fishing and conservation. Congratulations to Bob on his   first Black Marlin putting him in the record books as another ac-  she released her first ever Black Marlin of 250 lb and Pacific Sailfish
 Marlin,  12  Blue  Marlin,  multiple   recent election as an IGFA Trustee.    complished angler to achieve his Royal Slam.   of 100 lb.
 Sailfish, and numerous Dorado.   Bob was looking for a Black Marlin
 Tom hooked up to an incredible   to deploy a satellite tag for the IGFA
 Dorado of 62lb. It was weighed on   Great Marlin Race, both a competi-
 the official scale and signed off by   tion and a collective research effort
 an IGFA representative. Congratu-  by  anglers  committed  to  tag  and
 lations to Tom for joining the IGFA   release to learn more about Black
 over 50 lb Dorado club!  Marlin. Unfortunately, it was not
    Long-time  friends  Bar-  meant  to  be  this  trip.  What  was
 bara Wolfe and Dan Erb visited   meant  to  be  was  that  Sally  was
 us for an amazing week of fishing.   part of Lodge history as she re-
 Both Barbara and Dan have done   leased a gorgeous record-breaking
 so much for the sport of fishing   Blue Marlin, number 97- breaking
 and are some of the best ambas-  the Lodge record from 2011.  This
 sadors for the sport I have ever   was the week that the Tropic Star
 had the pleasure of meeting. Both   fleet released 102 Marlin .
 anglers have caught a great deal of giant fish but this week was         The Weinstein family joined us from Chile for some
 memorable for the friends as they released 10 Marlin in the six days   Marlin action and that is exactly what they got. Nicolas released
 of fishing.  his first Blue Marlin of 300 lb, Martin released his first Blue Marlin
    Dennis Bracken brought his son  Mickey  down for a   of 350 lb, and Henry released his first Blue Marlin of 250 lb. Team
 boys fishing vacation with friends Mike Forman and James Mc-  Weinstein didn’t slow down and went on to release 8 billfish for
 Breen. The guys were always throwing jokes around and having a   the week. Well done guys and we can’t wait to see you back at the
 great time. Mickey and Mike both released their first Pacific Sailfish.   Lodge next year.
 Mickey also released his first Blue Marlin of 350 lb before his dad

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