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Se você quer apenas peixe ou passa uns dias relaxando em um paraíso tropical, temos várias opções de viagem que nós podemos oferecer a você para a experiência de viagem perfeita. Saiba mais sobre as últimas ofertas que temos em selecionar aventuras de pesca e ofertas de última hora em Tropic Star Lodge ®. Leia mais...
Tropic Star Lodge fleet getting ready for another day on the water


Tropic Star Lodge pesca director, fornece informações atuais sobre as condições de pesca para as áreas de pesca costeiras e offshore em torno da Baía de Piñas e Zane Grey Reef. Veja algumas das imagens phenominal tomadas de clientes e suas capturas.  Leia mais...
2019 Roosterfish Tournament May 25-30, 2019


Tropic Star Lodge está hospedando seu torneios anual. Saiba mais sobre este eventos especial, e como você também pode ser uma parte da ação.
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Tropic Star Lodge in Piñas Bay Panama - Premier resort for big game fishing

O melhor Resort de pesca do mundo

Tropic Star Lodge tem proporcionado o máximo em offshore e costeira pesca aventuras para os nossos hóspedes durante os últimos 50 + anos. Nós convidamos você a descobrir porque nós já foi nomeados "o melhor resort do mundo pesca."

Localizado a 150 milhas a sudeste da cidade do Panamá na selva Darien intocada, remota; Tropic Star Lodge tem registros de mundo de pesca mais do que qualquer outro resort. Gaste mais pesca tempo & menos tempo para o peixe! O Recife é apenas a 20 minutos de distância.

Nossas águas do Pacífico são famosos para a realização de uma grande variedade de espécies estimadas incluindo preto marlin, marlin azul e agulhões juntamente com monstro dorado, Nematistiidae e caranhas caranga – atraindo pescadores de todo o mundo.


Dia 3 / 4 informações de viagem de noite

On the hunt for big game


Se você quer um par de dias de pesca, ou apenas uns dias relaxando em um paraíso tropical, esta viagem mais curta é a opção perfeita. Reserve esta opção de viagem durante dezembro e março através de setembro. Não disponível janeiro através de fevereiro, ou outubro através de novembro.
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Dia 4 / 5 informações de viagem de noite

Dia 4 / 5 opções de viagem de noite

Grande oportunidade de alvo de pesca costeira ou offshore ao mesmo tempo deixando um pouco de tempo para desfrutar o resto das amenidades disponíveis no lodge. Reserve esta opção de viagem durante dezembro e março através de setembro. Não disponível janeiro através de fevereiro, ou outubro através de novembro.
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First place team 

It’s a hit.

We’re back and it’s with a bang! The season just kicked off at Tropic Star Lodge in a spectacular fashion with a great turnout for our season opening tournament. Everyone was excited about the fishing and the new tweaks seen around the lodge. Private boats and lodge boats alike were out on the water chasing billfish for the chance to qualify for the Offshore World Championships.

It is the tail end of the rainy season thus we have been experiencing a daily downpour for most of our opening week, but then the sun came out and it has been blissful, with only a few short-lived afternoon showers. Offshore the seas have been stunning, except for one or two days that had some swell push through during our opening tournament. After the OWC tournament we had a few guests arrive for a quick 2-day fishing session before our friends from Italian International Game Fish Association arrived at the lodge enjoyed their own tournament.

breaking the surfaceThe bite offshore has been consistently improving and in the first ten days of Tropic Star being open we released 4 Grand Slams within our own fleet. We were very pleased to see the Private visiting boats doing phenomenally well offshore with Blues, Blacks and Sails. Tuna and Dorado have been present in abundant numbers and good sizes. It has been a common sight to see multiple marlin and sailfish flags flying from boats’ outriggers each day with a vast amount of fish being raised. On one particular day the boys visiting Piñas and fishing on their beautiful Viking, (Goose), raised 18 blues and released 9.

During our annual billfish tournament anglers caught and released 25 marlin and 23 sails. The tournament benefits the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation and Dr. Guy Harvey joined 72 other anglers and 24 boats over 3 days. The winning teams at the end stood as follows.

First place team: Boattrix .com
Peter Meister
Jay Lancer
Barry Bright

Second place team: Pescalo
Albert Btesh
Ernesto Btesh
Alberto Sasson

Third place team: Team Sancocho
Scott Andrews
Marin Perry
Mike Andrews 

Tropic Star Lodge is proud to have two of our own boats in the top three spots, with Miss America claiming the top spot and Pollyanna settling in third place.

After the billfish tournament wrapped up; our guests had some incredible fishing. We had 18 people join us and the Marlin bite was explosive.

Earl and Louise Mimms came down with their daughter Julia and Christopher Shumate. The family went out fishing on their arrival day and returned back to the dock just 2 hours later as they had achieved their goal for the day and released a Black Marlin. It was Christopher’s first saltwater fish, and I think we have him hooked. The next day Julia and Chris returned with even more flags flying. They released three Blue Marlin, a Black Marlin and a Sail with Julia on the rod for a Grand Slam! Team Mimms experienced absolutely incredible fishing and Earl was really thrilled as he had been fishing with us ten years ago and was over the moon with his daughters’ extraordinary Grand Slam, the second of the season.

The Blade family joined us for a good old-fashioned friends and family trip. The group was always full of fun and excitement and it was really special to see Megan meet one of the people she looks up to when she got to meet Dr Guy Harvey. The Group had a lot of first Marlin to the delight of the fathers and husbands. Megan and Matthew Blade all released their first Blue Marlin, in the group Jarret Liles released his first Blue Marlin and Sailfish, as did Beth Hilton. The big fish of the group was awarded to Matt with his 400lb Black Marlin.

Edgar McArthur, originally from the Canal Zone in Panama City, joined us for some big game fishing. Ed is an avid angler and wanted to try out some offshore fishing for the first time. Ed did great on his first day, he headed out after a nice leisurely breakfast and returned to the dock a good while before the rest of the fleet, with his Marlin flag flying high after releasing his first Blue Marlin. The next day he released another Blue Marlin, a few Sailfish and brought some Dorado back with him. It is with a happy heart that the Tropic Star family welcomes Ed to the offshore angling fraternity and we can’t wait to see him back.

Our wonderful friends and family from Peru also joined us for their annual fishing trip. We believe it is safe to say that we here at Tropic Star Lodge are just as excited to have them back again next year, as they booked to return. The Peruvians had their own little tournament going and the winners this year was team Pollyanna with Juan Carlos Cuglievan and Alanso Rey Bustamante who racked up 11 marlin releases during their stay.

Our Italian friends held an IGFA tournament over 5 days of fishing. There was a total of five boats fishing the tournament and the fishing was awesome! The guys managed to hook up to 77 Marlin and Sails releasing 42, this included 3 Black Marlin, 23 Blue Marlin and 16 Sailfish. Congratulations to:

First place team:
Mauro Marzaduri
Tommaso Bernasconi
Beppe Galliani
Tomaso Traversa

Second place team:
Claudio Camera Roda
Daniele Tarroni
Carlo Pezzini

Third place team:
Fabio Mattiacci
Walter Kwasnik
Antonio Montefusco

The week concluded in true Tropic Star style, as our tournament anglers, private boats, new and seasoned guests, all mingled and enjoyed a mouthwatering feast and the swopping of tall tales over tall drinks.

It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of the camaraderie, fun and laughter. We are eager to see what the rest of the season will hold, as this is only the beginning!

Dia 6 / 7 informações de viagem de noite

Dia 6 / 7 opções de viagem de noite

Desfrutar de tudo! Costeiras e offshore de espécies de peixes, além de ter muito tempo para ir snorkeling, caiaque, praia de pentear e caminhadas pela selva Darien. Nós até podemos fazer arranjos para visitar a aldeia indígena nas proximidades. Reserve esta opção de viagem dezembro através de setembro. Outubro não disponível através de novembro.
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